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Podiatry Treatments

A full MOT for your feet

Podiatrists are experts in the lower limb. We can assess, diagnose and treat numerous  conditions. Your foot health is of great importance to both you and us. 

An Initial new patient appointment allows us to carry out a thorough assessment of your feet and ankles, a full medical history is taken so please bring a list of any medications to the appointment. As medical professionals we must have this information before we can treat your complaint. We will also carry out a circulation and sensation check before we start any treatment. As well as assessing your circulation and sensation, we also inspect your skin for infections and abnormal skin lesions. We will create a treatment plan tailored to you to prevent or reduce reccurence of your problem. 

New patient and routine podiatry appointments are aimed at addressing a number of issues from Nail Care, Hard Skin and Cracked Heels to Fungal Infections or skin issues.

Our treatments include:

  • Routine Chiropody appointment
    • Nailcare and fungal infections
    • Callus and corns
    • Cracked heels
    • Ingowing toenails
  • Verrucae Treatment
  • Nail Surgery
  • Minor Ulcer Management
  • Diabetic Assessment and Foot Treatment
  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Sports injury treatment and prevention
  • Custom Orthoses
  • Footcare and Footwear Advice


  • New Patient assessment and Treatment - £45 (30 Minutes)
  • Return Routine Podiatry treatment - £40 (30 Minutes)
  • Luxury Podiatry Appointment -  £75 (1 Hour)  Enhance your podiatry appointment and enjoy a therapeutic warm wax treatment.  We apply a nutrient and oil rich wax to your feet and allow the heat to soothe your feet. It moisturises your skin at a deep level and has long term benefits for skin conditions such as callus and corns and lets you relax and pamper yourself. 
    This treatment is beneficial if you are suffering from arthritis, rheumatic pain, plantarfascitis, chilblains amongst others.
  • Biomechanical Assessment (45 minute appointment) - £80  If you are suffering with back, hip, knee or foot pain you could benefit from a biomechanics assessment. A biomechanical assessment involves an examination of the lower limbs, looking at their structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses. We can prescribe and supply custom orthoses. Prices for orthoses vary on individual needs
  • Nail Surgery From - £300
    Inclusive of dressings and check up appointments.
  • Verrucae Needling - £220 An alternative Verrucae treatment that requires a local anaesthetic. Prior to the needling appointment a treatment consultation appointment will be required to confirm suitability for this treatment and to discuss your options.

We support NHS staff

Home Visits

  • General Chiropody/Podiatry - £45
    If you live outside of Monmouthshire and the Forest of Dean then please contact us as home visits may be available in your area. Bed bound or immobile patients only.
  • Care and Residential Home Services
    A block booking for 5+ residents receiving treatment in the same home will receive a reduced price. Please enquire for more details. We are happy to come and visit both patients and care home managers to discuss details.

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